LTLT 2019LTLT 2019 primarily focuses on autonomy and motivation, the two prominently important attributes of language learners in the interconnected world. Learner autonomy can enable students to control their learning processes for better learning quality, and motivation can remarkably empower students' learning processes. In the context of technology-supported dominance which promotes demands for instant responsiveness, learners are always connected and multitask taking. They often involve in different spaces at the same time even when they are physically resided in the same place.  Their life engagement tends to travel among spaces or communities of interests. Consequently, they can be easily distracted and driven away from learning activities particularly as learning is conventionally uncomfortable. This urges teachers to develop and maintain students' capacity of learner autonomy and their learning motivation. The conference of this year is expected to document creative practices and insightful perspectives of teachers and students in different contexts for the sustainable development of quality learning.