🗺️ Famous Japanese photographer Doi Kuro once said: "Vietnamese people’s lives are exposed on every street. That’s fascinating."
🗺️How well do you know Saigon? The city that never sits still
It is known for free of international-style skyscrapers or bustling nightlife?

This week’s movements are classified as follows:

  • Firstly, a brief clip about people in Saigon and a minigame to test your knowledge.
  • Secondly, discussion:
    • Are you a native of Saigon or not?
    • How did you feel when you first arrived here?
    • Is there anything you like and do not like living here? Why?
    • Do you prefer living in a big city or in the countryside?
    • Have there been any changes in your hometown recently?
  • Thirdly, enjoying yourself to have a game about buildings in Saigon. Then, the expansion of cultural knowledge, spend a couple of minutes with our guest to learn more about Saigon.
  • Finally, presentation for all participants about life in Saigon (environment, cuisine, lifestyle, architecture, entertainment, etc.)

🌸Come and join us to give your opinion on this fascinating topic🌸