Founded in 2014, FFL-UTE Alumni Association initiative is to connect with graduates from FFL. The Faculty treasures the opportunity of enabling former learners to be in close contact with their previous campus and stay updated with news and events held by the Faculty. Plus, this association provides alumni with a network to maintain and enhance the bond of brotherhood among themselves. Assisting former learners in locating each other and organizing reunions with their fellows and lecturers is absolutely our honor. Personal and professional achievements of Alumni are also well acknowledged via the organization that truly appreciates contribution of all kinds towards the entire development of the Faculty. By joining this community, you definitely play a vital role in providing us with information about your post graduation career paths and feedback on the correlation between the curriculum of the Faculty and demands of job markets. On account of this, our Faculty’s program can be further improved significantly.

Join FFL-UTE Alumni and promote FFL’s growth!!!