Program: TESOL Studies 
Level: Bachelor's
Major: Technical English 
Duration : 4 years
Total Credits: 133

The TESOL Studies program aims to develop learners in terms of knowledge, skills, attitudes, practical competencies and a sense of social responsibility. The program is designed to meet the growing needs for English language teachers at vocational schools, vocational colleges and other training institutions. The program helps learners to develop their professional skills as well as necessary soft skills to easily adapt to continuous innovation in the English language teaching environment at different levels of training in the national education system.


  1. Students will achieve basic knowledge of social sciences, natural sciences and systematic knowledge of the TESOL Studies program; 
  2. Students will be able to formulate and apply their learnt knowledge based on analytical skills and critical thinking; 
  3. Students will have good interpersonal skills and exhibit effective teamwork inside and outside the professional environment; 
  4. Students will have the ability to formulate ideas, design, and apply new knowledge and technology in English language teaching.