Faculty of Foreign Languages (FFL) is one of the most important units of Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology and Education (HCMUTE) in training foreign languages, language teaching methodology, linguistics, and business. FFL has been significantly growing during the last two decades, achieving various successes in training, research, and community services. FFL has successfully trained several generations of students from a lot of provinces in Vietnam thanks to a dedicated and experienced team. FFL alumni are currently serving in different industries all over the world.

FFL is currently offering three undergraduate programs in TESOL Studies, Translation and Interpretation, and Business English. The instruction language for all of these programs is English, except some foundational courses such as Fundamentals of Laws or Vietnamese Communist Party Strategies. This has made many freshmen surprised at the beginning of their candidature. However, such a challenge can be overcome very soon, and they all become successful in their studies with major achievements.

FFL started as Department of Foreign Languages of Faculty of Fundamental Sciences with the mission of offering General English programs to all HCMUTE students and contributing to the global integration of HCMUTE.

In the time of regional and international integration in 2006, English language proficiency became a particularly important capacity for working in multi-language and multi-culture environments. To meet this newly developed demand from the labour market and carry out the development plan of HCMUTE, Department of Foreign Languages started to offer an undergraduate program in Technical English to the first cohort of over 90 students from different provinces across Vietnam.

In 2007, Department of Foreign Languages was developed into Faculty of Foreign Languages after Decision Number 442/QĐ-ĐHSPKT-TCCB signed by HCMUTE rector was released on 4th August 2007. 

Since then, together with the growth of HCMUTE, FFL has been extended its activities in training, research, and community services. It has trained thousands of students, both Vietnamese and international, contributing to the quality of the labour market and confirming its dedication to the society.

FFL currently homes over 40 faculty members which are organised into four departments and provides excellent training services to around 800 full-time students from three majors. FFL also provides the training services on General English and English for Specific Purposes to students majoring in a range of specialisations such as Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Software Programming. FFL is the founder of Language Teaching and Learning Today (LTLT), a conference series organised annually and attracting hundreds of scholars, policy makers, researchers, lecturers, teachers, students, and other stakeholders every year. 

Academic committee
Dang Tan Tin, PhD
Le Phuong Anh, MA
Le Thi Thanh Ha, MA
Dinh Thi Thanh Hang, MA
Truong Thi Hoa, MA
Nguyen Dinh Thu, PhD
Made Hery Santosa, PhD
Nguyen Thi Thuy Trang, PhD
Trinh Ngoc Thanh, PhD

Industry advisory board for TESOL program
Dang Tan Tin, HCMUTE
Dinh Thi Thanh Hang, HCMUTE
Huynh Quoc Minh Chau, Sylvan Learning Vietnam 
Nguyen Thi Thanh Thuy, UK English Center
Le Quoc Kiet, Halo Language Center
Tran Thi Kieu Trang, Hada Edu 

Industry advisory board for Translation and Interpretation program
Dang Tan Tin, HCMUTE
Le Phuong Anh, HCMUTE


Industry advisory board for Business English program
Dang Tan Tin, HCMUTE
Le Thi Thanh Ha, HCMUTE


Former members of the Dean's Office include
2007-2015: Thu D. Nguyen, PhD, Dean
2013-2015: Thanh T. G. Trinh, MA, Vice Dean, Academic
2011-2013: Anh T. V. Dang, PhD, Vice Dean, Research
2016-2017: Luan T. Huynh, MA, Vice Dean, Research