Le Nhat Chi Mai is a former student from intake 2006, a strong personality member of the FFL family. She brought to the Teachers' Day Reunion of FFL unforgettable memories. She has taken the hearts of everyone in the meeting.

You inspire us, Chi Mai. We wish you all the best.


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Dear Everyone,

First and foremost, please accept my sincere thank you for giving me this pleasure to express my appreciation and share my thoughts on an incredibly special occasion for those who are devoting their lives and efforts for education career, for a better generation and, for the future of our beloved country.

The first people that I want to say thank you are my Professors back to the term from 2006 to 2010. Dear Professors, it is so shameful for me now to admit that I was not the type of hard-working student that you then expected me to be. I skipped classes, told lies for not doing homework, complained a lot with others because of the homework volume, got mad at unsatisfied grades you gave me, gossiped with classmates during class hours. Recalling my bad studying attitude in old days, I am very appreciated for your patience, tolerance and, effort to educate such naughty students like me and let me grow up with the best memories about You. I wish you all the happiness that I could have ever prayed for you today and tomorrow.

Besides, I would like to express my gratitude for Prof. Nguyen Dinh Thu. There was a rumor back to my time that I was your favorite student, I still have no idea if I was or not but, Professor, I want You to know that You are always my favorite one (I hope you are not too shocked now!). As said, I was not a good student, what I learnt from you was definitely not about academic knowledge but, it was about the attitudes about life; your pride and straightforwardness somehow inspired and shaped my personalities and perspectives during my career path later. To me, you are not simple a teacher or instructor, you are like my father and, I am proud to be your protégé.

The second people that I want to show admiration for are my former classmates who now dedicate themselves in education career. I believe that teaching is not an easy job and, to be honest, not an ideal job for earning much money but, you guys are impacting lives of many younglings in the way you don’t even see by your own passion, responsibilities and, kindheartedness. So, I hope that even you feel tired of teaching or stuck with your private lives, you will never give up on this highly respected career and, you always choose to do the right things and understand your students like the way our Professors did.

Finally, to the younglings, I think some of you now still have no ideas what you are doing now or even what kind of job you going to get after graduation. Trust me, I was like you and I experienced the same feelings that you are having now. Even now, sometimes I question myself if everything I do is what I really like or, if every decision I made is right. Life is like that actually and, sometimes you will hear people saying “you only live once, just do whatever you like”, yes, it’s true, you just have only one life to live, so live it to the fullest but, remember this, always cautiously consider your issues, do the right things and, prepare for yourselves a back-up plan. It works for me that way, so, I think it might be a useful tip for your future.

Thank you for your time on my wordy letter and, I sincerely hope that I can comeback early and see you guys soon. Again, Happy Teachers’ Day, everyone!

Best regards,
Ha Nhat Chi Mai