Born in a family with English language teaching tradition, Phuong Nghi was lucky enough to have a chance to learn English from the age of five. Despite her lack of enrolment in any courses at any language center due to financial reason, she still succeeded in passing the entrance exam into Gia Dinh High School in 2012 thanks to her good knowledge in grammar and vocabulary and then, was chosen to learn in D1, a proficiency class for students gifted in English.

Both parents and students are interested in integration and adaptation skills due to the fact that students have to face living away from home, learning methods and various new things.

You won thousands of other candidates in the race for “University Entrance Examination”, but remember that new student life has numerous temptations. However, you should not worry so much.

The Ministry of Education and Training has announced the application process for the 2019 national start-up contest for students, which will start in mid August 2019.

Entitled “Sinh Viên Với Ý Tưởng Khởi Nghiệp 2019” (Students and Startup Ideas 2019 or SV-STARTUP 2019), the competition aims to boost the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit amongst students nationwide, and connect universities, research institutes and regions.

SV-Start-up 2019 covers a good range of start-up ideas - from science, technology, business, education to health, service, and agriculture.