To assist regular students of the university, The Principal has announced the award of a scholarship to students with financial difficulties (except those already enjoyed policy regulations, received incentive scholarships or term 2's sponsored scholarships in 2019-2020).

Deadline for the application at Faculty: May 31st, 2020. 

This is the link for registration.

If someone asks me about my unforgettable experience in the lifetime of the university, I will happily talk about my two-month internship in Viet Uc Translation Company Limited. Indeed, the two-month internship is not only a golden opportunity for me to apply the theories I have learnt, cultivate the knowledge and experience in the new environment, but it’s also a constant foundation for me to chase my future dream career.

My senior year is probably the most memorable time because this is a turning-point and amounts to the accuracy when the decision of selecting a career is made. During nearly 2 months as an intern, I have accumulated for myself new experiences as well as the soft skills needed for my future career.

Time passed so quickly, my internship at Viet Uc Translation Service Trading Company Limited was over. This was a meaningful time for me – a final year student in the English language. In the past 2 months, although it was just a short time, I have learnt a lot of useful things, accumulated various valuable experiences for my future career. I have been trained from a lot, from knowledge to important personalities in a real working environment.

If someone asks me what makes me feel mature throughout my student life, I will not hesitate to answer that it is my nearly two-month internship - a period is neither short nor long. A senior like me has realized a lot of the "first things" that I need for my future ahead. It was my first step towards reality, and it was not as easy as I thought.

Previously when I watched movies, read books, or heard stories from workers, the term "internship" was vague. As far as I was concerned, it meant that we would work at a certain company, complete the tasks assigned, and achieve the set goals in a given time. And then, after so many years of trying on the education path, I finally understood and experienced the feeling of becoming a trainee as a senior. This is not only a memory but also an experience that I think everyone should have once in their life because it's agreeably.