- What do you want to be when you're big and tall? 
- To be a tourist guide.


“What do you want to be when you’re big and tall?”. My buddy asked me this when I was 10. “To be a tourist guide”, I replied. Time flew. Then I entered UTE. Time flew again. I graduated from my beloved UTE and I changed my mind: I want to be a translator.

I’ve been working as a Translator-cum-Interpreter in Construction for 10 years. I love my profession for several reasons. 

My name is Le Thi Kim Truoc, one of the HCMUTE’s FFL alumni, cohort 2007. I’m currently working as a Relationship Manager for Autonomous Inc., where I landed myself a job seven years ago. Headquartered in New York City, Autonomous Inc. started as a small start-up in 2015 and is now helping thousands of people globally with a wide range of products under different brand names. Our specialties include e-commerce, Fintech, smart office, home office and home relaxation products.
Born in a family with English language teaching tradition, Phuong Nghi was lucky enough to have a chance to learn English from the age of five. Despite her lack of enrolment in any courses at any language center due to financial reason, she still succeeded in passing the entrance exam into Gia Dinh High School in 2012 thanks to her good knowledge in grammar and vocabulary and then, was chosen to learn in D1, a proficiency class for students gifted in English.

🍭 Childhood is the most memorable time in our lives. It is perhaps the most beautiful period where we were free of the responsibilities and the hardship of life. Whenever we look back to it, it always brings a smile on our faces. Let’s come and join us to get a ticket to turn back the clock and return to the good old days 🌸

💪 Leading your own life or making yourself be led by the nose? It is widely believed that we should be in a position where we are completely in control of our destiny. Therefore, “STANDING ON YOUR OWN FEET” is a do-or-die skill that people should learn and put it into practice in order to accomplish their OWN LIFE 🌸

Conditions for students: Freshmen or sophomores at universities in the list above are from difficult families , with good morality and good academic performance at minimum. 

Scholarship value: Each scholarship rate is 3.000.000 - 4.000.000 VND. Those awarded  scholarship previously can apply for this term's scholarship providing that you meet the conditions above.