If someone asks me what is the best chance for university students to both acquire knowledge and practice effectively, I would immediately opt for an internship, the unforgettable memories of university life. I have just completed the two-month internship that left me with great motivation for pursuing my dream career.

🗺️ Famous Japanese photographer Doi Kuro once said: "Vietnamese people’s lives are exposed on every street. That’s fascinating."
🗺️How well do you know Saigon? The city that never sits still
It is known for free of international-style skyscrapers or bustling nightlife?

This week’s movements are classified as follows:

The programs for this weekend meeting “How Superstitious are You?” are as follows:
- Getting to know about your signs of the zodiac and how deep your belief in its personality reflection is

1. Meeting up with some Engineering-majored female students who are going to share their voices regarding learning in an environment dominated by their male peers.
2. Speaking out your opinions on pros and cons in terms of working in a male/female dominated atmosphere.
3. Discussion and Debate
- Split the bill or men will pay all on a date?

The internship is probably a great experience for students because this is not just an opportunity for us to bring the knowledge we have learned into practice, but also hone more skills and learn new things from the working environment. It is considered a milestone, a turning point, a premise for us after graduation. I recently spent a two-month internship at Viet Uc Translation Company. Now, the internship has ended but it still leaves me with many unforgettable memories.

The activities are projected as follows
- Survey (getting to know how "addicted" social network among all comers)
- Discussion:
Part 1: social network
1. Are you an active social networks user?
2. How many social media accounts do you have?
3. Which social network is your favourite?