I am Tham Nguyen, class of 2007 from FFL, UTE, currently living and working in Toronto, Canada. I am the Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist for a Canadian software company called Fiix Software (fiixsoftware.com), one of the fastest-growing tech companies in Canada. Not only did I survive but I thrived here (fact: I landed a job after 2 weeks moving to this new country). All of these successes, I would not be able to accomplish if I did not have a strong foundation in English and fundamental interpersonal skills that I learned from my professors and friends in UTE.
Although Technical English Teacher Education might not be popular, its career opportunity abounds. English is widely required for a job, but compared to general English, Technical English Teacher Education proves to have an edge over. You can speak English fluently, but to translate English in a technical field is another story to tell, which requires both language skills and good knowledge of specialization apart from teaching methodology. Voila, Technical English Teacher Education major in UTE is such one stone that kills both birds.


In the morning of November 11th, 2016, the seminar on evaluating the 150-credit curriculum of TESOL Studies was organised by Faculty of Foreign Languages (FFL) at HCMUTE.