Image may contain: fruit and food, text that says "what to eat today? Health room A3-208, December 5, 2020 3:15 pm"


😄A lot of students are perplexed when they get questions on HEALTH Topic in the IELTS Speaking test. why don't you try a free practice first?


Join us at: 🚵🏻‍♀️

Venue: A3- 208

Time: 3:15pm

Date: Sat, Dec 5th


😨We are all experiencing life in a COVID-19 world and are all well aware of how this pandemic is impacting our lives. However, have you learned how to communicate using the 'pandemic' language yet? ☠️ With the topic HEALTH, we will mention some issues related to this pandemic. Let's come to Step Up English Club for your IELTS speaking practice.


( Note that: also because of anti-COVID-19 measures from Dec 17th of HCMUTE, 😷maybe this will be the last meeting of this semester.)