If someone asks me about my unforgettable experience in the lifetime of the university, I will happily talk about my two-month internship in Viet Uc Translation Company Limited. Indeed, the two-month internship is not only a golden opportunity for me to apply the theories I have learnt, cultivate the knowledge and experience in the new environment, but it’s also a constant foundation for me to chase my future dream career. Furthermore, the internship is also a measuring tool which helps me with identifying my weaknesses and strengths to fulfil myself to be better. 

As I remembered, at the time of receiving the acceptance announcement, I and my fellow students were strongly deep into the blend of emotion between exhilaration and worry. In detail, we felt happy because we would be worked in a reputed company and experienced in a professional setting of the Interpretation-Translation which is our major. On the contrary, we were also worried about working in a completely new workplace which we had a nodding acquaintance with everything. For example, we considered how we could resolve the workload, what people' s personalities in this company were. But fortunately, Ms Hua Tran Phuong Thao was always by our sides with giving care and instruction during the period time of our internship. She had informed us all of the crucial knowledge about our internship and company one day before our practicum. Moreover, she reminded and instructed us many things such as what we should adjust to be suited with the office environment, how to make a great impression in the first day of working or the way to get as many experiences as possible. She even cared about our health and guided us on how to protect ourselves from the coronavirus pandemic. Honestly, we were grateful and respect for her enthusiastic instruction.

On the other hand, on the first day of internship, I and my friends were assigned the specific tasks, of course, they were about translation. My first assignment was to translate the identity papers. Although they were not too difficult to translate, they required high accuracy and carefulness. Finishing my first task, I realised that translation was really interesting even in the basic documents. Some days later, I was experienced in translating many documents of diverse fields such as economics, law, medicine, construction, etc  as a genuine translator of company. Besides the basic documents, I also met a lot of ones which were difficult to understand and translate. It was the time for me to practice the specialist knowledge and applied the skills to search and check the accurate information. On this occasion, I realised that what I had learnt in class was truly useful. Also, if I got any difficulties in my work, I would discuss with my fellow interns or ask for bits of help from the members of my company. I received a lot of instructions in my internship, which I thought to be hard to get in the official workplace. Thanks to my internship, I learnt a lot after each task, not only in my knowledge but also in my skill. Furthermore, the relationship between me and my friends was more and more closed after our two-month internship. We completed our internship in the sensitive time of the pandemic, overcame our fear to experience and cultivate knowledge together. 
In conclusion, two months of doing an internship in Viet Uc Translation company was not so long, but not short. It was a valuable time for me to learn and develop myself. In my point of view, the internship is not a compulsory course that I have to achieve before graduating, contrarily, it is a great opportunity that every student should grab to step forward to their future career. 

Written by TRANG T. T. LE (K16 – Translation and Interpretation Program)