If someone asks me what is the best chance for university students to both acquire knowledge and practice effectively, I would immediately opt for an internship, the unforgettable memories of university life. I have just completed the two-month internship that left me with great motivation for pursuing my dream career.
Of course, when mentioning Internship, almost university students will feel a sense of worry and uncertainty. And I am not an exception. However, the thorough preparation of FFL lecturers who had organized a useful workshop to satisfy our queries about internship blew my mind and equipped myself with sufficient instructions on the procedure of implementing our internship successfully. Furthermore, the considerable encouragement and enthusiasm from my instructor, Ms Hua Tran Phuong Thao, making me change my point of view on internship. It is truly both an intriguing challenge and an ideal chance for me to improve my academic knowledge and social skills.  
Luckily enough, I was granted an opportunity to be an intern in VietUc Translation Company, a reliable company that offers high-quality translation service. My main duty is translating various kinds of contracts and identity papers from Vietnamese to English and vice versa. While some materials were quite effortless to translate like Identity cards and family registers, the others were complex and demanding such as labour contracts and construction contracts. However, no matter how hard the contract is, I did try my best to finish it as completely as possible since the more fields my translation related to, the more intensive vocabulary knowledge I was able to achieve. 
When it comes to my translation outcomes, admittedly, I would not better my translation quality without help from company staffs who are friendly and experienced translators. They were willing to give me detailed instructions on my translation and showed me the wrong points for me to learn from them and make progress in the next tasks. Indeed, not only did the working environment in the company give me hands-on experience and professional working style but the way to get a profound colleague relationship that is essential for me to learn so that I can create an effective working environment in the future.
One more thing that makes my internship wonderful is that I had a chance to do my internship with my kind and nice classmates. We all tried to reach the best result of the translation whenever we have to work in a group. After days of sharing difficulties and happiness at getting great translations, we understood each other more that cemented my friendship.
It was a big pity that my two-month internship was ended after 7 weeks due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Nevertheless, it is a force majeure (this word I learn from my contract translation^^). Although the internship was put to an end, I will keep it stuck in my mind because thanks to it, I enhanced my patience, meticulousness along with teamwork skills and problem-solving skills.
There was a staff of the company said to me: “If you are an intern, it is no problem when you make mistakes. But when you are a staff, things are different”. Therefore, I always believe that the internship is the best chance ever for us to learn and improve ourselves.
Lastly, I want to thank FFL especially Ms Hua Tran Phuong Thao, Viet Uc Translation Company and my friends from the bottom of my heart for contributing to my meaningful internship.

Written by Ngan T. T. Bui (K16 – Translation and Interpretation Program)