The programs for this weekend meeting “How Superstitious are You?” are as follows:
- Getting to know about your signs of the zodiac and how deep your belief in its personality reflection is
- In the atmosphere of approaching Halloween, sharing your attitude towards ghosts, mysterious as well as scary stories you experienced in particular and non-traditional festivals in general
- Lucky Draw 1 (1 movie ticket of “Bac Kim Thang”)
- Halloween in HCMC UTE (meeting with Halloween organizers coming from Garment Technology and Fashion Faculty in order to know more about their traditional Halloween Gala)
- Enjoying yourself with Halloween Vocabulary Building GAME
- Cultural Knowledge Expansion: A brief introduction of the History of Halloween given by Ms. Mai Suong, a lecturer from Foreign Language Faculty HCMC UTE)
- Logo Designing Contest for all participants
- Final Lucky Draw: 2 movie tickets of “Bac Kim Thang”
Come, join with us and SPEAK OUT your ideas!

When the semester is in its “Halloween” season of mid-term tests and the “real” Halloween is hanging above!!!