The internship is probably a great experience for students because this is not just an opportunity for us to bring the knowledge we have learned into practice, but also hone more skills and learn new things from the working environment. It is considered a milestone, a turning point, a premise for us after graduation. I recently spent a two-month internship at Viet Uc Translation Company. Now, the internship has ended but it still leaves me with many unforgettable memories.
When the internship took place, things were very different from when I learnt at university. The days before the start of the internship, the group was carefully advised by Ms Phuong Thao what to prepare for the internship. The first few days were strange, but gradually everything became familiar to me. Due to the particularity of the company, the documents that I have been exposed to or translated often do not belong to the fields I have studied. It can be administrative documents, papers in the field of construction, economics, etc. With these types of documents, I have to research and select the information carefully before translating, so that I can get the complete translation as desired. In addition to being able to apply the learned knowledge, I can learn many new things and accumulate more knowledge. Besides learning new knowledge, I also practice many other skills. When there are any difficulties, I always have the enthusiastic support of my colleagues and friends as well as Ms Phuong Thao’s care about group health status during the Corona epidemic.
Moreover, I feel quite lucky because the internship location is not too far. Every day, I worked with two other friends at the company and after work, we ended up working together.  Even though no one came back together, we still would like to wait for each other to leave. At first, we promised that we would go to work together, but because of the Corona epidemic, we changed the plan. The most interesting thing was when we went to practice, we brought lunch instead of eating out. I still remember that some days instead of having lunch at the company, my friends and I went to the nearby park to have lunch and chat with each other as a way to relieve stress and prepare for the afternoon. Looking at the natural scenery makes me feel more fun and comfortable.
The two months passed quickly, ending the internship, an experience with exciting things.

Written by Trang T. T. Mai (K16-Translation and Interpretation Program)