- Boosting your English skills by interacting with our staff and your new friends in the meeting
- Enjoying yourselves with songs and games
- Socializing with 10 Indonesian seniors who are doing their one-month teaching practice in HCMC UTE.
♥ Time: 15:15 this Saturday 14 Sep. 2019
♥ Venue: E2-112 (1st floor - the Student Supermarket Block, above the Synary Smart Hub)

My internship is a crucial opportunity that I can apply classroom knowledge and theory to practical situations in a professional environment. In addition to cultivating specialized knowledge, it also allows students dipping their toes in the water to practice many other skills to get used to the working environment in the future.

This was the most unforgettable experience that I had ever gotten in my student’s life. In PMO, I gained plenty of valuable experience and useful knowledge when working in a professional work environment. Actually, I was a collaborator of PMO, and I didn’t expect that I would do my internship right in my workplace. Therefore, I didn’t really feel strange, but I kept pace with my work and got along with people in the office quite well. Everyone was superb friendly, sociable and supportive.

Please refer to the following document for list of equivalent courses:

My two-month internship has just ended in regret some days ago. This internship is one of the most memorable moments of my time at university. During the time that I did the internship at Ha Hai & Partners Law Office, I learned a wide range of useful knowledge and gained a lot of precious experiences for my future career. In the first week, I was instructed about the upcoming tasks during the internship and was assigned to translate a website about financial and investment.

My 2-month internship has officially come to an end intertwining with unforgettable memories. Words are unable to describe how grateful and happy I am to be offered a chance to work at SportyMind Vietnam. Although the internship was more challenging than I expected, with the help of my mentor and colleagues I managed to get all the tasks done. Moreover, I acquired lots of experience and knowledge.