Time passed so quickly, my internship at Viet Uc Translation Service Trading Company Limited was over. This was a meaningful time for me – a final year student in the English language. In the past 2 months, although it was just a short time, I have learnt a lot of useful things, accumulated various valuable experiences for my future career. I have been trained from a lot, from knowledge to important personalities in a real working environment.

If someone asks me what makes me feel mature throughout my student life, I will not hesitate to answer that it is my nearly two-month internship - a period is neither short nor long. A senior like me has realized a lot of the "first things" that I need for my future ahead. It was my first step towards reality, and it was not as easy as I thought.

Previously when I watched movies, read books, or heard stories from workers, the term "internship" was vague. As far as I was concerned, it meant that we would work at a certain company, complete the tasks assigned, and achieve the set goals in a given time. And then, after so many years of trying on the education path, I finally understood and experienced the feeling of becoming a trainee as a senior. This is not only a memory but also an experience that I think everyone should have once in their life because it's agreeably.

If someone asks me what is the best chance for university students to both acquire knowledge and practice effectively, I would immediately opt for an internship, the unforgettable memories of university life. I have just completed the two-month internship that left me with great motivation for pursuing my dream career.

🗺️ Famous Japanese photographer Doi Kuro once said: "Vietnamese people’s lives are exposed on every street. That’s fascinating."
🗺️How well do you know Saigon? The city that never sits still
It is known for free of international-style skyscrapers or bustling nightlife?

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