My name is Le Thi Kim Truoc, one of the HCMUTE’s FFL alumni, cohort 2007. I’m currently working as a Relationship Manager for Autonomous Inc., where I landed myself a job seven years ago.

Lê Thị Kim Trước

Headquartered in New York City, Autonomous Inc. started as a small start-up in 2015 and is now helping thousands of people globally with a wide range of products under different brand names. Our specialties include e-commerce, Fintech, smart office, home office and home relaxation products.

I’m currently dealing with a brand of indoor and outdoor furniture at Autonomous Inc., and the products of the brand are distributed to retailers and customers via a variety of e-commerce platforms in the U.S, Canada and European countries. All the sales and marketing activities, therefore, are conducted online and require me to be able to communicate fluently in English. For better results at work, I need some IT skills and mechanical knowledge too. Sometimes I participate in new start-up projects and work directly with the CEO, which is a challenge to me but also a chance for me to gain experience.

It’s hard to define exactly whether my position is at managerial or department staff level. Like any other employees in a start-up company, I’m involved in sales and other jobs at the same time and therefore it requires me to have wide knowledge and skills of different areas. In a normal corporation, an employee is usually assigned a specific position, from which they can get promoted after some time on the job, but at a start-up company, an employee has to take charge of concurrent jobs, yet they can accumulate an ample amount of experience to establish a start-up themselves in the future.

What I like best about my job is that I can apply my skills of English, communication, thinking and doing research, as well as some of the ESP knowledge I acquired at FFL, into different working fields. To be more specific, I have undertaken many tasks concerning sales, marketing (e.g. strategy planning and content writing), translation, procurement, customer service, logistics, recruitment, management and task allocation in a team, etc. In addition, I have a good number of opportunities to go abroad for business trips; for example, I have been to the U.S three times to meet with distinguished partners and managers, and attend international exhibitions. Also, I can receive training through sales and marketing online courses delivered in English. Last but not least, I have the privilege of working in a multicultural environment where I have a chance to cooperate with dynamic young people, receive satisfactory welfare and telecommute when needed. 

My advice to you is to make the most of your strengths, do more self-training to meet the changing labor market’s needs, and keep striving for the final goal achievement.