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On a beautiful Sunday morning last month, after cursory preparation, I slowly and tiredly rode to school to participate in a field trip organized by one of my teachers. Because of being deprived of sleep, I actually slightly regretted having registered for this trip.

A week before, Ms. Hang - our beloved and pretty teacher in Vietnamese Cultural Basis Class - had organized a day-outing to The Ao Dai Museum. Having participated in a variety of studying trips in High School which turned out to be merely for relaxation and entertainment, I did not hope this trip would be something different. Nevertheless, due to a great deal of threats and lure from my classmates and best friends (they always loved journeys and had signed up without even thinking), I decided to go. However, unlike what I had thought, it was the most memorable and informative day I have ever had in my life.

Participants in this outdoor activity were students from not only my faculty but also other faculties such as Economy, Mechanics, and Electronics. We all gathered in front of the Student Supermarket and were divided into teams. My team had about 10 people from different faculties. Fortunately, in spite of being quite reserved and shy, I did not feel lonely thanks to kindness and sociability of my teammates. Their friendliness helped me forget my timidity and bore. 30 minutes on the bus seemed to pass more quickly with fun stories from our teams as well as the others. The bus was filled with laughter and excitement.

The aim of the trip was to equip us with not only historical and modern knowledge about Ao Dai but also teamwork skills. In order to win the game, all of the teams had to reach different destinations to face and complete different challenges. The first place we reached was a room storing a variety of Ao Dai from monarchical dynasties to modern times. I had heard the beauty of Ao Dai in the past; nevertheless, I was surprised at clever embroideries and detailing which created undeniable nobility although they had been impaired over time. If the Ao Dai of the old times brought feelings of nostalgia and luxury, the modern Ao Dai referred to simplicity and elegance. Throughout the trip, I clearly understood stages of development of Ao Dai and adored this proud national costume.

One of the attractions of the museum was glorious scenery. This place gave me a peaceful feeling with trees, ponds, and a big lake. There was even an authentic model of the ancient town, which looked picturesque. In that tranquil scene, I felt calm, relaxed, and energetic.

In the afternoon, Ms. Hang surprised us with  a birthday cake  which she had prepared for students who were born in the month, March. Seeing some friends standing in front of us and received wishes from other students, I felt  happy and touched. After the party with a great deal of cookies and candies, all of us even had small Origami hearts as gifts.

At 3pm, we returned to school and ended an unforgettable trip. This was more than a trip. It was an occasion which helped me to talk more to our teacher, Ms. Hang who was a very friendly, pretty, and respectful teacher. Also, I could make more friends, share more stories, and learn more new things lasting from the past to the present. If someone asks me about the trip, I will say it is the most memorable experience in my student life. And if have another chance to sign up for such a trip, I will register without merely a second to consider.

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