The internship must be an unforgettable experience for every student in their university life. It is the same to me when I have gone through a 2 month internship of translation and interpretation in SportyMind VN, which is full of new and interesting things. I mean “new” and “interesting” because it was shown both in the array of the topic that I had to translate and the way to process the work.

I got to experience a two-month internship at SportyMind Company, albeit short, providing me with valuable insights into my specialization in Translation and Interpretation. This is truly a wonderful period for my classmates and me to accumulate new hands-on experiences and sharpen my inherent translation and soft skills. 

An internship is a great opportunity for university students to acquire precious knowledge and experiences in their majors. During the internship period, I worked with a lot of talented people and learned a massive amount of new things from them. I and my colleagues worked together as a team to translate a specialized book which, in my opinion, causes a lot of problems as it relates to a whole new field. We needed to read a wide range of related papers and search for proper information in order to understand thoroughly and translate correctly.

When the official enrolment periods for the 2nd semester (academic year 2019-2020)  expired, a some classes of the final year students were cancelled due to the limited number of students in a class. Those whose classes were cancelled in such situation can still enrol in other classes by emailing FFL. The due date for this manual enrolment is April 10th, 2020. The faculty shall not accept any enrolment requests after this deadline.

Upon the outcome of the meeting between the faculty representatives and final year students, the faculty have decided to open the below new classes. Obviously, these classes are supposed to be taught online and start from 20/4/2020.

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