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You only live once!


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Le Nhat Chi Mai is a former student from intake 2006, a strong personality member of the FFL family. She brought to the Teachers' Day Reunion of FFL unforgettable memories. She has taken the hearts of everyone in the meeting.

You inspire us, Chi Mai. We wish you all the best.


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Dear Everyone,

This letter is from Giang Thanh, a former student of intake 2006, sent to FFL on Teachers' Day of 2020. Her memories and emotions were going on with a tears dropping on the listeners' faces.

Thank you Giang Thanh. All the best with you.

The LTLT 2019 Conference was reviewed and published on Independence 80, a newsletter of Learner Autonomy Special Interest Group (LASIG) from IATEFL, one of the biggest research group on learner autonomy currently.