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Learner Autonomy and Constructivist Pedagogy: Alternative Considerations

Time: 9:00 – 11:00 am
Date: Tuesday, 21 March 2017
Room: A1-1207, Central Building, HCMUTE, Thu Duc District
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Learner autonomy is a student-centered approach to foreign language learning that developed in Europe in the late 1970s, following from the liberal and libertarian theories of learning promoted by people like Ivan Illich, Paulo Freire and Jerome Bruner. Holec, widely regarded as providing the founding definition of learner autonomy, referred to the concept in terms of the ability to “take charge of one’s learning”, involving “the responsibility for all the decisions concerning all aspects of this learning” (Holec, 1981, p. 3). Learner autonomy, as one aspect of constructivist pedagogy, is seen as “maximally effective” (Little, 2007, p. 20) because it is more participatory, proactive, communal, collaborative, “and given over to constructing meanings rather than receiving them” (Little, 1996, p. 84).

This seminar summarizes claims in favor of learner autonomy and presents opposing research on the efficacy of constructivist pedagogies. New Zealand’s constructivist approach to reading instruction, similar to practices in other English-language countries, is used to illustrate limitations of constructivist pedagogy and the associated failure of that country’s national literacy strategy. 

Invited Speaker: Professor James Chapman, Massey University, New Zealand
James Chapman is Professor of Educational Psychology in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at Massey University in New Zealand. He received his M.A. (with Distinction) in Education from Victoria University of Wellington, and his Ph.D. in Educational Psychology from the University of Alberta, Canada. He trained and taught as a secondary school teacher before undertaking doctoral studies. Following the completion of his PhD, he joined Massey University in 1980. He served for 8,5 years as Head of the Department of Learning and Teaching, and 10 years as Pro Vice-Chancellor (Dean) of the College of Education. He has published over 100 journal articles, book chapters and books on learning disabilities, literacy learning, and motivational factors in academic achievement. In 1999 he received the Dina Feitelson Award for Excellence in Research from the International Reading Association. 

The full version of the flyer can be downloaded here.
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