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As part of expanding collaborations with regional and international partners, Faculty of Foreign Languages warmly welcomed five delegates from Faculty of Education, University of Technology Malaysia to Ho Chi Minh City on 12 April 2017. The discussion centralizes on developing mutual understandings and academic co-operations. Several common interests have been identified, and commitments for working together have been made. Attempts on student exchange, lecturer exchange, and course recognition have been developed. Students from one faculty can potentially take some courses and do their teaching practicum in the other. Working together on research projects, conference co-hosting, and publication co-authoring have also been discussed, and collaborations are very promising.

The meeting is very successful, and paperwork for official partnerships will be shortly endorsed. This initiative will definitely bring opportunities for students to be exposed to another learning space in the region and increase their level of competitiveness in the labor market.

Delegates from Faculty of Education (UTM) and Faculty of Foreign Languages (HCMUTE)

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