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A provincial girl left her dear parents, her peaceful and beautiful hometown for a new independent life in the busiest city. Her parents were miserably worried about her as she had never been on her own before but she didn’t give it much thought. She was either too young or too deeply in love to care about forthcoming obstacles in such a strange place. She just knew that there was someone greeting, hugging and kissing her at the destination. Was it a blind love or true one that was leading her?

 long on the pavement looking at the fast and furious lines of vehicles, she wondered when it was the right time to cross the street. There were two men, all of a sudden, reaching her and asking her to follow them. As good as a lamb, she walked between them as if they had been her associates Not only did they take her to the other side safely but they also cultivated a belief in her that she would successfully experience the life in this city as there would be more and more guardian angels leading her through obstacles and difficulties.

Angels did appear every time she was in need. Two old high school classmates offered to put her up during the first several months when she had not earned a penny. Thanks to Alpha Center
[MJR6]  and Ms. Quân, she had confidence in her ability that she could survive in this metropolitan city. An important milestone, also life-changing event was when she passed the recruitment process and worked as a lecturer in the Faculty of Foreign Languages. Happy and relieved! This success not only took burdens off her parents’ shoulders, who had suffered various bad comments due to her leaving home but also opened a welcoming door to a new family: FFL.

As one of the two youngest members at that time, she was really innocent. The first time You-know-Who was angry, she was scared but wondered what her fault was. He did not say anything. Luckily, one angel came and told her what should be done. Gradually she learned and matured through incidents. She had angels around her when she was in trouble. Angels gave her care, words of wisdom encouragement and even helped to recover a relationship she treasured. Without them, she could not have had any success in her career growth as well as in building long lasting relationship with FFL members.

P.S. This year marks the 10th year I’ve been in the FFL family. I selfishly ask for the permission to use this small story to express my own gratitude to all of those who have been huge help to me. 


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