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Ho Chi Minh City, May 5th-6th 2018

Language Teaching and Learning Today (LTLT) is an international conference, aiming at exploring crucial issues of teaching and learning English language for the sustainable development of the community in the 21st century. The conference is annually organised by Faculty of Foreign Languages, Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology and Education. This year, LTLT 2018 is to investigate the diversity and unity of different teaching and learning practices in the global context of language education. The event is a forum for both local insights and international perspectives to be shared and analysed for better understandings and more effective practices of the field. Provided with the pervasive numbers of technology-oriented learners, the language learning context of today has significantly different from that of the last few years. Almost every student comes to class with a smartphone and remains connected during all class meetings at a physical room. Students can even turn down their teachers' lectures for maintaining their presence in some virtual space. This urges this conference to feature talks on the dominance of digital citizens in today class, the local values that learners bringing to the virtual learning space, and other learning behaviors of the Z generation. The focus also lays on the nature of learners' communicative needs and contradictions between teaching practices and learning preferences. It is anticipated that the conference would be able to consolidate insights from various teaching and learning contexts with different modes of delivery. Main sub-themes of the conference include but are not limited to:

1. Language development and learning opportunities
2. Learning attitudes, identity, and behaviors
3. Learning motivation and preferences
4. Learner autonomy in virtual learning space
5. Language, culture, and economy
6. Material presentation and development
7. Assessment and learning achievement
8. Teaching practices in the blended learning mode
9. English medium instructions
10. Technology enhanced language teaching and learning
11. Content and language integrated learning
12. Professional development practices for language teachers
     Prof. Stefanie Pillai
       Keynote Speaker

The conference brings together experts, researchers, lecturers, teachers, and students in the area of English Linguistics and Language Teaching from different teaching and learning contexts for better understandings of developments in their expertise. Critical discussions, empirical research, and innovative practices in the global landscape of language learning and teaching from the conference would be able to facilitate our professional development progress and improve our services to the community. We are looking forward to welcoming you at LTLT 2018!

For all information of the conference, please visit this conference website.

Tin T. Dang, PhD
Dean, Faculty of Foreign Languages
Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology and Education, Vietnam
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