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"... happiness flourishes by sharing ..."

It is said that happiness flourishes by sharing. Once you share something with whom you love, you’ll find a way to joy and inner satisfaction. Indeed, we did experience it after the journey to Thien An nursing home.

On a warm spring morning, lecturers from Faculty of Foreign Languages at HCMUTE visited Thien An nursing home, a shelter for 138 old-aged women. These homeless and relative-less were cared and supported by 10 nuns. Although they came from different areas in Vietnam, they had one thing in common. It was the need of sharing and loving.

They said that we were the angels of love coming to them. We offered them a chance to talk about their past and current life. Some of them used to be teachers of Dong Khanh female high school which was a well-known one at that time; another worked for the official services and could speak English fluently. Some others were mothers, grandmothers and even great-grandmothers, but currently they are incapable and homeless ones.

Visiting room to room, we accidentally passed some touching real stories. Some over 90-year- old women together made little packs of cotton swabs to raise fund for beggars who frequently went over there every Monday morning. They told us that they were much luckier than those fighting against starvation, so this could be a way to help them. Another touching story is that a 92 year-old lady refused the offer to leave for a better life in America. “The reason was,” she said “very simple.  Vietnam is the place I was born and will be buried.” she assured.

We sang lovely thankful songs together instead of saying goodbye. No words could exactly express our feelings at that time. We hugged and kissed these wonderful women and promised to pay another visit one day.

Our journey was continued with a big lunch at Giac Vien pagoda where we had a friendly conversation with the chief nun about life and the way to have peace of mind. Then we awarded presents to students who overcame difficulties to effective study and the poor who live near the pagoda. Both givers and receivers were enjoyed peaceful time together. These moments will be sweet memories in our life.

All in all, each of us felt overjoyed when we did a meaningful thing in the voluntary spring journey. The saying “Happiness flourishes by sharing” is, in our opinion, always true.

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